Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Haven't been blogging for a while, so i'll squeeze everything in a quick run-up!

Been busy mugging through many Math sums my teacher gave, so it's been kinda of a hooked up day. Went for sushi for dinner! It's a whole extended family night-out occasion. Oh, got Dean over as well since his such a zany entertainer. haha~ & how we waited for our delicacies. Booked the restaurent like a week ago to find that it's still so pack. Not that it affected us or anything but too many outsiders kinda spoils the traditional atmosphere. We were like there at 6+ and waited till 9+ before our food come can! By the time food appear, Dean ran dry from his witticism.
Waited for dessert! Ordered green-tea ice cream. My favourite!
Like so small the scoop can! Ate like 6 before i started running to the toilet. Than finally returned from the congested lavortory. No mood to continue munching, thus we all went cam-whoring on the table. XD

Continueing with my episodes on homeworking mugging and oh, Music.
Went for violin lessons at like 11.ooam. Sleep-lacking.
My violin teacher taught me new stuffs today -----> China music i would call it. Damn nice! She's like describing an imagary to me, than we're like having so much fun playing the songs together can! I love playing together with her, it makes me feel Great and all so Mighty! The songs are like super quick, sprintie and flighty! XD like a kid's innocence. Awesome!

Gotta Literature workshop in school. Quite cool actually well maybe not the part where it lasts till like 6.30pm. The instructor's name is Julia. She can come down quite harshly on us wit her comments well teachers will be teachers cold & there, but at least she kept me paying close attention.

Here blogging =)

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