Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My head is spinning like a whirlpool *.* Trying to make up some Original fresh new lyrics to go with this swift of a moment melody that i'm trying hard to store in my head until I complete my piece. Being super busy lately can! Can't even pluck out some time to practise Violin >.<
My teacher will spank me with all she's worth if she learns about this. shh.... Guess the fault lies with me for not using my time stringently~ Hard up on time, why can't i make time longer when i need it and shorter when i don't. Bargh....this is just Maddeningly unhelpful.
I miss eating cake. Come to think of it, i haven't had one for like at least a month! Record breaking. I'm Cream-Free!!!! I feel like having a piece of Cheese or Strawberry angel cake to ease my spinning "brain" Yummie! My maths teacher is tempting me to gourge her cake down any minute when she brings a few punie pieces up now & than for birthday boys/girls. I T.R.Y to practise "monster" control and not look at the soff, floatie cream to top it dear cakies. Don't wanna gain weight no more. ^.^
Think i'm kinda getting addicted to !SKIPPING! Was like trying to learn the different skipping rope trick yesterday until i'm labelled to be "obsessed" haha. Deprived of skipping rope for quite a stretch of time may have cause such a supernatural effect perhaps?

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