Saturday, June 14, 2008

Been doing quite abit of writing this few odd days. Oh did i mentioned I've a really ferociously bad hair day? Must have got up on the wrong side of life's more like living NIGHTMARE! This is an S.O.S there's no second guess for it >.< I went so far as to look out all the words that can go with it. WATCH me. "Save Our Ship", "Save Our Souls", "Save Our Skins", "Save Our Stuff", "Shoot Our Ship", "Shoot On Sight", "Sinking Our Ship", "Survivors On Shore", "Signal On Sand". Oh well, nothing that goes with bad hair day XD Gosh..... so much for bad hair day I HOPE TRULY. it's getting me all fustrated. Argh~

XD Kev: the cute & charismatic one
Joe: the cute & craZy one
Nick: the cute & sensitive one
Today after my violin lesson, the group of us hangouts were like doing funny stuff with our cher's camcorder (latest model). Looks kinda chick too!
It's CRAZY i know, but i like crazy :D

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