Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Day in the Life of Me :)

Nothing like a Smiley-back breakfast to start the Day!

Parv & I bought and wore-on-the-spot gladiator sandals

new converse

i've got the lime one already

WINDOW-shopping for violins


My dear Aunt Jen came back from CHINA

And look what she got me NiNi the swallow fuwa mascot!

Hear it's story~

Chillin' over at my place

Q: what do you do when people don't agree with the channels their watching?
Ans: FIGHT! duh~ XD
Cousin Jeffrey & Uncle John (sending the wrong message to children)

Webcam-ing with Joe is the Craziest thing to do~literally.
1st came the hula-dancing, than the fish-face incident. haha
That's how he bcame D.J Dangerous~ even my mom thought he was from the high-Alps.

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