Tuesday, June 1, 2010

we'll leave it on the line

Its funny attempting to be mad at someone when you care about them. Trying too hard to ignore you and to put you from my mind. But face it, enough is enough, I can't keep on pretending that i'm cool with your ways nor do I want to waste anymore effort trying to pretend otherwise.

Abusive use of my feelings? I'm baffled because I can't help but feel of you still trying to help me when I kept treating you with avoidance, but, on the other hand, the other side of me tells me that "hey its your job."

Maybe I'm too immature for you and for all this with my typical ways or just maybe since all this started out from this place where I first know you, it should end as all this comes to an end soon. Does affinity and (probably one-sided) passion only gets us this far?

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