Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Big Love Haoweeee!!!

1st of all, i like to thank lovely haowee for helping me with the skin. (thanksssie)
Boy, was i totally lost the other day in making one. phew~
Never thought it would be up so fast. xD

don't think i'll be posting Alot these few days. School's a killer!!!
Having so much hw laying on me right this minute. (i suggest you shift some) extract from "ken harrison." Think i'm going ga-ga over literature or something. Whatever~

Let's see what's in store for me tomorrow...: lit test, & S.P.A assesment 0.0
I totally understand why kids chooses suicide these days (just joking.. i'm very positive you know...bleuh) Warning:Don't try this at home
Haiz... what a day. got O'level music and the noise from the sec1 emp's are horrible there's this mad girl who must have totally lost her mind to sing "you raise me up so loudly" when she's just completely off key. the whole O'level class was laughing their necks out even Mdm Peh... heehee tut tut

Oh yeah.. Moyx2 gave me chocolate and a pencil for no reason today. shh... everyone don't be jealous most likely is a left over present ba... didn't feel really proud of it though. Didn't really earned it in anyway. but thanks anyway. muahahas. I'll just eat it

Ok... charissa. i know you want to see your name here. So here it is. Charissa is bothering me now? heehee. did i succeeded pissing you off? Ok... that's really mean. Anyway, it's nice having you around. boy, I sounded mushy.

Right.... i've ranted enough nonsensical talks. Time to get back to my depressive hw life.
chiao chiao chiao =)

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