Friday, July 27, 2007

Just Freak Out ....grrrr....

What a day... finally Friday. This week was totally a nightmare came Real!
Got 8 tests this week with the inclusion of common test.
Don't believe it, why is my life so "testly" and so "tasteless"???
I had a very worn out week. Can hardly open my eyes now. I think i'm lucky to be here typing now am so bloody tired zZzZz.
Anyway, just to show off to everyone else how blissful i am with another TEN more tests next week!!! I'm so Dead.
I didn't even have the time to put up a tagboard. Geezes no wonder so many people complain they can't tag. haha... silly-billy me~
My eyebags are lagging out and my pimples are popping like volcanos... guess i'm gonna use a quote i heard from my Theory teacher : This isn't life man!
I need a vacation to "Runaway Island" if that place ever exist.
Feels so empty... this is SO not my life and it will never be one i'll accept. Grrr....i really need to get it out of mysef before i turn sick or worse go~psychopathic ><

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