Saturday, August 4, 2007

So Much for My Happy Weekend x_x

Back on again! So...did anyone actually miss me? kidding~
Anyway, this week was the most desastrous week i've ever experienced.
It may sound as if i've been whining and yapping over it seens i'm promoted to sec 3 but this week was the worse Ever!

Eleven tests!!! What more can i say about this. No one, not one in history could handle that kind pressure. Felt so terrible day by day through the week. What's
wrong what's wrong with the school?!!? urghhhh ><

I know i ought not to complain so much and "get my head into the game" but this is too much to live with (shout)

Anyway, the school is a total block! Giving us prize-getting rehearsals? Whats is this world coming to? 0.o Yesterday I was suppose to get my certificate for some NYAA thingy and surprise surprise the scroll was empty when i opened it. Fuvk it! I was hopping crazy when i saw it, they were just practically wasting our lives away.

School hang-outs were lame. Why can't they be more Human? They are all so plastic. Never mind... should just live them as hang-overs then.

Life's been a bummer and crazy this week, leaving me all drained after. Not to mention along with a really bad muscle tear. haha think i shall do what i always do just keep on laughing. One thing's true there's always a brand new day to start over. ^^

Thinking positive??? maybe. hAhAhA~

Oh yeah, in support of the concert for the climate in crisis Meg

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