Monday, August 6, 2007

All the Blues...& All the Surprises...

First day of the week! Got to start the brand new
week right, but my body is
just not in unison with my mind. Anyway,

this week is not a bad
one to look forward to.
With the holidays from national day

with only 3 days of school and everything,
it's not too bad in conclusion

and wrap ups.
I'm trying to keep myself

smiling i know it shows...
I'm having the Bluesss
Which is not what i needed

to "start the week right".
(congrats to Katleen for the birth of Jones

baby--->back lated news)
Schools as boring as it would
ever be and should i add changes to say

it's much Worse!!??!!
Got caught by the Bugmunch moron Ong Ong for
wearing my religious bracelets,
and he forced me to rake them off even after my
sincere explanations.
Ok..maybe I'm not in my best tone when i spoke
to him as i was rather impatient with old franky-panties l
ike him. Pardon me xD
Well... whatever it is, this means WAR from me Mister >=<

I mean, come on it's So Not his business to
wonder round the school like a mystified spirit
hunting for students wearing stuff that's religious
to them. So show some respect to your students
(if you ever treat them as that) if you want the same
kind of respect to get. As they say "you rip what you sow"
So, respectsss and peace from me to him are So Over pal!!!

Got a call form Tim finally. It's been ages since
we last talk or met up. I was kind of should i say
distraught? He got himself into a
motorcycle accident called
the "Highside" at the Eastern Creek Raceway!!!
Round turn 8, his back tires and left him swinging
into the air of about 6-8 feet high. Goodness~
He broke a few toes bones and small fracture in
his lumbar, so he could not even dance for some
time. +_+ Leaving him with his crush Yamaha R6.
Please recover quickly, please

Well... life still goes on Rocking and Rolling as they say =)
Hope I would finally understanding the meaning of
true and pure happiness in living up to our own
dreams and love every moment of it!!!
Hey Hey!!! bleuh~ Yeah Yeah!

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