Friday, August 31, 2007

Come 'On

GeeZzZz... this week is particularly hard to pass. Lessons were boring
and i feel so exhausted. I definitely need a crash point. Been invited
by quite a number of seniors for musical concerts, but didn't have
the soul to watch it, but thanks guys. I'll go next time perhaps.
I'm no doubt very pressurized by the upcoming tests and exams,
mostly for my practical and schools stuff. Can't take any more of it.
especially extra pressures from any old one else.
Don't feel like hanging out with anyone at all nor do i wish to talk about it.
I know there's seniors and some funny dudes out there who care,
but JUST LEAVE ME ALONE for now can?

People say when you lose yourself, courage soon will follow.
So hurry up!
Feeling super pissed off for no reason Suddenly~
Guess i'll find comfort in the knowledge soon. I don't want to
disappoint the very humans that look up to me so much.
I CAN"T so on with the fight! ><
signing off...

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