Friday, September 7, 2007

Such Hang-Overs

Cheeze & crackers, holidays flew me pass so quickly! I haven't
had a single post about the joyous news of the holidays and
now it's ending? Gosh~
Whatever... i totally screwed up my holiday plans. Had
alot going
for me that you can be certain, but my "ME" time barely started
and now it's passed me by again. ><

Cartons & cartons of hw to get on with... I should seriously
consider bailing! This point of view is getting so stale. I shall not
blabber on about the assignements i get because that will definitely
take me my whole Friday night. Major on-coming events
---> more school tests & exams plus practical exams.
I'm so screwed... doesn't matter I'll get my way round it and

work it all out! =)

Let's see... Monday--->went to school for lessons, practices
Tuesday---> think went for some camp and lessons
Wednesday--->err...can't recall
Thursday--->i've forgotten too!
Friday--->which is today read "upstairs" common sense xD

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