Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Talent Hot or Not!!??!!

Today was~how should i put it?
An eventful day? Well... I was getting myself all
excited with Solomon's group performance of
the Talent Quest in my school.
He looks so swank on stage with the addition
of his solo on his anonymous air-base guitar.
Oh wow!
Sadly to say he got the 1st runner-up for the
competition what could i say, it's a tough one too!
but hey the audience totally agreed that they
were the Man!
His band name was cute too : Saving Bob
adapted from Spongebob Squarepants. hahas
Oh yeah, did i mention that he threw his
beloved spongebob T out on stage and landed
around me and haowee? Yipee
Actually i guess it's meant to be thrown further
back or something. heehee. Anyway, i'm guessing
he added Gregorian man's cologne on that T before
he threw it. ahha with the chemical reaction:
[ cologne + solomon's sweat + passion ----->
toxic gas + fatigue fume + lots of disturbance]
haha just kidding.
Overall i think their band was the best
and most captivating and humorous

Spencer's & Brandons's bamd did a great job too. I could see Mr Leung glimming form ear to
ear, think he was much astonished and amused
by the sight of the passionate way Brandon struted
his stuff. Well that's basically the 2 bands i'm
eyeing on winning. ( maybe of some biase reasons
too as they were either my ex-fellow classmates or
dear juniors. haha bleuhhh xD maybe not
so dear~ ^^

Hey to all musician out there---> preferably
string players, i've got a friend doing up on a
performance in the new Lasalle campus.

Any 2/4 peeps or rascals out there

would like attend it too?
Call me for more details like the date and
everything (too lazy to type so much) it's $7 for
us kids and $ 10 for the adults. Ok.. lets' not all
get too shock with the price, that's why i put
a lighter color of you notice, heehee.Let's
check out if the new campus is as fancy as it
was described in the video
when we went there in Sec2 yah? haha
( no commission from me, it's at Usual price)
Guessing that i'm too lazy to go all
on my own. zZzZz

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