Sunday, September 16, 2007

14th Sept B'day!

Hooray! My b'day is finally here. It's been awhile, but i can't imagine
that it's the 14th sept againI can't spell out to you how happy i am.
Though i'm getting quite sick with cakes. Had 2 that day.
Hope i don't get any fatter. I need to go on a water diet or i'll soon
join the fitness club. (which i'm thankfully resistance to)
Anyway here's some piccies. Very busy these days so I'll only have
time to upload afew. More updates coming right up: (this is the cake we fashioned at Evan's place. oh my gosh...
it has all our favourite things on it! etc. m&m's, choocolate chip
with chocolate iceing, "lengthen" jelly-bean and others hm..)
I personally love this one best xD

(and this one is the one i had on my party!)

Till next time... gosh physics test tomorrow 0.o

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