Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Skater-Girl

Exams have come and passed. It had been tough, but i gave it
my best shot at it. As the saying goes: when the going gets tough,
the tough gets going!
Theoretically, i would be high up in Cloud 9 by now.
The thing is i'm NOT! There has been much happenings going
round at home which also kept me on the buzz
(if you're wondering why ive not been blogging)

Everything have always been up to my grandma
but since she's been hospitalised for like weeks now
it's turning around it's up to me.
And i know pretty well that i'm not ready for all of these.

I never thought that i'll feel this cold
Never thought that i'll ever be this low
i wish i could go back
can we stop the world from turning?

Wish my grandma could get a Whole lot better soon
And come back home to me.
Cause i can't take this confusion NO MORE!
(i really need to toughen up Big time)

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