Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here with Me

Today's just another one of those kind of days. If you know
what I mean. Had P.E and played floorball like during the baking
hours of the sun? Sweat a waterhole...Never liked P.E much.
For 1 thing, everyone is always playing the same old boring game.
Requested for volley ball though, but you know what kind of distasteful
teachers i've got at school. So you could more or less guess the response
i got from them.What a maroon~

Next comes English period. My teacher entertained us with a hilarious
yet serious video. It was meant to be a serious show as it was a
production from "Crime Watch", but my teacher just turned the whole
thing round into a comedy instead. As for me personally, i disappointingly
find it Boring. Ok, maybe a little hilarious but it was not my kind of a
piece of cake. Well it does have something to do with the thoroughly
damp mood i was in, I suppose...

History class was as good as "free period". No one, and i mean NO ONE.
Ever ever listen during history class. Well maybe the really NICE pupils
would try their mighty all to listen. Nope but that's not me. haha. i was
reading "A Story about a Horse" instead. Nice book! Well...actually my
teacher was just going through history revisions which also means
READING FROM THE TEXTBOOK. He was like chanting from it.
Sort of like a monk ^^

Then there's recess, being a Good girl, i brought sandwhich to school.
Nothing much, just peanut butter and jam. Yummy too! As for Literature
class, we watch "To Kill a MockingBird" which was actually a show
about trails and crime. It a story in our Lit syllabus as well. Paying close
attention to it!

Alas, Maths class. The last lesson of the day. Time do crawl during
Maths. ^^ Anyway, i survived it since i's the very last lesson. My teacher
was talking about a class outing. Boy, isn't that just a lame idea.
To end it off, school's cool for the day.

Come on grandma, get well quickly!!! I'll hang on to you.
Keep Holding ON, you can do it! Cause i don't want to fall to pieces
and neither will you.

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