Sunday, December 9, 2007

Razzle Dazzle

(Fiddle Fern Madness) Guys enjoy~ xD
Something you don't see everyday!
Yesterday as most of you guys know i performed in the wedding of : Eric & Siean Pei (ok, i can't quite recall the name of the bride) But it was cool. Oh, did i forget mentioning that my Mom and i met Chloe and my Cousin at Cityhall 1st. haha Chloe, renowned for forgetfullness did not bring the stand! urghh.... nvm we have memoried it already. Think it pissed my Mom off a little anyway. Yeah.. we were on our way to making $$$$$$$$$ wahaha!
Me and my other violin mates were the "exhibites" there! We were like standing on stage for more than an hour can!
We had the most hilarious practice in our entire experience in the field. We practiced our songs like so so many times with a lame cracker violin teacher from China. the way he speaks i just can't comprehend. xD
But that's not all. His funny all-rounded glasses reminded me constantly of mad-genious composer Beethoven. He just need a swallow-tail Tuxedo to complete that look. ^0^
As we were practicing in the corner, as we were unpleasantly surprised that we had to memories the song! But that didn't really affecteed me since i had already practice. As the bunch of us struggle to coordinate and memories it with no mistakes, here comes Mr. Weirdo trying to perfect us with funny movements that were non-mistakeny considered professionals.
I somehow though get the feeling that we could just perform in that small corner and Get already since quite a few busybody guests peeked into our "corner". i supposed it would be not much of a surprise to the guests as they might have heard us play many times over already.
As the bunch of us went up on the "stairs", freezing in fear being told to take off my cozy jacket and flash my arms, it's kind of making me regret getting such a skimpy dress which cost so much >_< color="#33cc00">(pictures would be loaded another day) i know Evan and Josh, you 2 will be so jealous you missed it. Bear with it dudes, got loads to tell you on Friday! xD
Through the happiness and joy present today, the pain that scarred me remained inside. Urging at every moment to burst out of me, reminding me of the tormenting experience i had. I guess no amount of happiness could wash away the pain that hurt me before. I want to keep and get more happiness and have it forever mine for alwayssss!!!!!!

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