Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hectic, hectic schedules. That's what awaits a Sec fourer, especially an aspiring Sec 4 violinist-to-be? (ok i flatter myself a little too much) Am really quite determined to the longing of going to a good Junior College. Hope i truly make it.
CCA sucked just as much, but on a lighter tone, it's cool to be able to visit the Audio Library to listen to REAL music & i must say the auntie at the library is really nice. She presented me with a chewy "mandarin orange" canday which i shared with the CCA maties and she even advices us on zapping a swell score "Spring" which i wanna play a duet with my junior!
Super sweet can!
The day went on smoothly with me finally listening intently to the lessons XD. Just a little irritated with my classmates sometimes. Really annoying me with lame jokes which are 1st in foremost totally hilarious NOT! Oh bugger~ and can you believe this i can't hear what the guy is talking about. Am i deaf? Ans: NOOOOOOO~ he just speaks like a girl. XD

Live Eternity

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