Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bam Hightech

You do make sense from non-sense after all:
"Music is the vacation from life, it is the moment where you do not worry, you do not fear, you just be yourself and do not care about anything else, beside yourself at this time. You hear music, and you enjoy it, it's the most beautiful thing you can have to totally be just blown away by a great tune and just let yourself go."
I needed that than.
Yes! I finally got the Bam Hightech violin cases i've been wanting so much.
Went into the shop and the shop keepers were like "wow" at my violin. haha made me super over the stars for that. They said i am really lucky to get it, considering the fact my parents are willing to pay for it as well as it's the only case of that design left. The best and most priced cases for violins.
Yeah, i am lucky! I don't deny it, but neither will I take it for granted.
Gramercy is like the most good-looking for music shops can. Makes me feel like owning a music shop too. With the whole entity flooded with string acoustics. Ahhhhh.
Gonna really play hard. Must be successful after being so highly "invested" on.

Went to re-hair my bow at Donny's parents's shop. Thanks to him I only neeed to pay $90. Phew~ stay cool. Thanks to my triumphant practising, all the horse hair drop like crazy. Oh Bugger. Got to borrow bow to practise at home le. I like my bow better! ha. I shall steal hair from real horses next time than no need to pay le. muahaha. Gonna go running later, I think i needa go on water diet. XD eat too much oily food le. Don't wanna my pimples to break out! Joking~ shall quit going on with the "haha" thing when i don't even mean it. It's starting to bitessssssss.

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