Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tummy Bunnies

Yesterday is gonna be my worse day-out. Came down with a serious stomache upset, while "begging" for donations for Flag Day. Great this is something to be ironic about. Trying to be Little Miss Charitable for once and i've to compromise with my tummy torture. Went to the doc's today. I've always been really afraid to go to one and felt even worse after my unpleasant memory, but luckily i escaped with a diagnosis of minor "Food-poisoning". Gonna thank my lucky stars for that. I've to admit i don't have a strong stomache since young. Should blame my lucious mouth for scavenging back alleys and unknown streets looking for "nice food". >.<
Feeling better after spending my whole of what is left of my saturday yesterday crapping in the toilet. Like jellies. Ok, i shan't go on to elaborate my discomfort yesterday, But just glad that i'm better now.
Being charitable for a day had been fun. Especially when i'm not as rejected as my team members. haha. Got to say having kids donating to you is a tinkling feeling. See that innocent look in their eyes, makes you wanna cry. XD nah~ it's just a simile, i'm not that fragile.

O'level music studies been bohering me lately. Thinking of the towering knowledge, really puts one to feeling intimidated. Oh well, never fear, cause Min Yee's here. i've got to really laugh at this! Evan's been putting me up to this lately.
Speaking of O'level music, got to know this CrAzY new pal, JunYan! actually knew him for a year or so alreay, but just draws my attention recently. XD
Crazy as this one-eye-one comes about, he sure is REAL. For readers who truly knows me, or otherwise smart enough to figure would know what being REAL means.
Something for sunnidae: never think of "what if", but just throw all your stakes into a single bet you really wanna have.

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