Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Screamed!

Didn't turn up for Speech Day. Super sick, down with stupendous cough and sneezy syndroms. Missed meeting Shin when i promised i'll "show myself" today.Cio performance as well, didn't get to chat with Char. Ok, i can really get kinda chattie with these 2 confidant. Got into a major car crash on my car while i'm on my way to see the Doc feeling rather moody for missing out on some fun. My crash-free car just got bumped by a psychopathic Lorry Driver. Lucky girl---->M.E! got away with just shockness. Phew~
But than that Lorry Driver made a huge Boo-Boo Bigtime! Was just looking around for someone to vent out my fustrations, and here comes Mr Blunder. Ok, so i wasreally cruel. I practically just got off my car and screamed my heads off! Said quite an amount of really crude stuff. Don't blame me, he gave me the chance. I'm just making full use of it. i mean HELLO, crash-free and now he's ruined it! Took many pics of the crazhed effects and his pics. Not gonna admire them cause it disgusts me. Alot. Just gonna have him charged for all the time he made me loss plus the damage. Well, anyway feel a litty-bitty guilty being so abusive early at the wee mornings.
Oh well, he got it coming & he should know it-----by NOW XD

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