Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Will Be

Busy week & busy day. Facing upcoming events such as Speech Day and assembly recital. Ratings from 1-10? 10. Butterfiles are sure brewing in my tummies but was soon subsided by Mr Leong's word that he would play along too. Phew~ lifted some load off my shoulders. Handled many tests this week as well.
I get this unfathomable feeling of fustration which i just wanna let it all out! But i made no sound.
I'm screaming aloud inside but nobody would be able to hear or look up.
Perhaps i must never let go, i'll never be able to let go. Not in this life that is.
I tried to be that little princess you wanted me to be, but now i know, how far you've go. I'll keep trying, though you alone will never see, but i want everyone else that matters to me to see it for eternity.
& if i let you down, i'll turn it all around, cause this time I'll never let anyone else walk away . Ever I don't wanna fail, who does? Fuck it!

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