Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Of Fear and Plausability

The true ‘nista happy as a golden violin playing princess in sparkly Louboutins. That should answer your question Abi! haha

Oh and Todd's:

Horror writing entails the conveyance of fear. Thankfully, the emotion of fear can come from so many sources that the possibilities are literally infinite. I love to see movies or read stories that take a very mundane thing and transform it into a source of fear. One example that comes to mind is the Blair Witch Project. For me, there is now a certain sense of fear aroused by someone standing in a corner. Another example that comes to mind is The Beckoning Fair One by Oliver Onions. That story transformed the sound of a woman brushing her hair into a source of fear. There are numerous examples and I try to find ways to transform innocuous objects or actions into sources of fear in my own writing.

One problem involved in writing horror and attempting to create an atmosphere of fear (an atmosfear, if you will), is how to approach the subject of plausibility. Many times the sources of fear are creatures or events that are make-believe or supernatural and this presents a problem of whether or not you need to try and generate a plausible explanation for how these things exist. Many people actually do believe in ghosts and/or demons and a story that has these elements may be frightening to those people who believe while being just a form of entertainment to those who don’t. I like the type of horror that is constructed in such a way where these elements are presented without too much explanation for their plausibility and leave the reader to infer a good deal. I think my favorite method for doing this is horror that leaves the question of whether it was real or an aberration in a character’s mind that caused the supernatural event. Was it real or just the faulty perception of the character? I like to write stories that leave the reader puzzling over this question. I think it allows for good character development to have the character stewing over this as well. Am I going crazy or is this freaky shit really happening? I think this leads to a very interesting source of turmoil in the character because I don’t want to be a nutter; but it is more horrifying if I’m not crazy and this is real!

P.S Like how a versatile violinist would handle her instrument, with PLAUSABILITY! XD

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