Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Look at those houses.... they look more like palaces to me

We ARE privilege people ya know it

Wackos on the roll

outside my dream music shop house

ALL RIGHT! The Os are finally Official Over! Went straight to have a date with Liyana. Went to Marine Parade and got outrselves going in circles ^.^ Oh well, it was fat-burning work out and actually loads of fun. Got the scores at jaw-dropping discounts on sale. Gee, i didn't know sales start so early. Awkard Pictures would explain itselves. Preparing for my trip on a dream voyage, a CRUISE! oh goodie! Gotta get clothes, accessories, materialistic stuffs (greed)
Can't keep my eyes open to blog, after such a long and i mean LONG walk running cross streets, alleys, shophouses, malls. time for nappie

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