Sunday, February 15, 2009


On courtesy, i'm just informing you good people out there viewing my blog that I'll be on camp for a couple of days. Okay, 3 days to be exact.
From 16th Feb-s8th Feb afternoon. Gee, if camp don't rock, please don't have it to suck.

As an extraordinary photo disguised the ordinary, play me a heart song somebody.
Evan my music advisor is not only a web genius, a photographer but an awesome player as well. He may kick my butt for saying so...
To him he was screwing around on an out-of-tune piano but to me he could have been playing a grand piano in a concert hall full of people. Music to my ears. your problem is just a complex sense of inferiority that you really need to bud buddy.

~The sound of what cannot be seen sings within everything that can~

"An apple is an excellent thing - until you have tried a peach."

I don't trust my feelings, to put it simply, I don't trust you
Will I know it’s you
Or will I pass you by
Will I know the truth
When I see your eyes
Are you the right one for me
Or wll I be better off alone?

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