Sunday, July 8, 2012

b e y o n d all that matters

It has been a while... and yes, the Real World has kind of ran on override these couple of weeks that has consequently rendered the delay of a new post. Allow me to leave out the details of the going-ons for the past few weeks since probably most would have otherwise heard already and let me get on with some personal summary:
Being on the job for nearly 6 months now, I do agree with those who says that people are complicated creatures. On the one hand, able to perform great acts of charity. On the other, capable of the most underhanded forms of betrayal.
Since the search for power begins when we're quite young. As children, we're taught that the power of good triumphs over the power of evil. But as we get older, we realize that nothing is ever that simple. Traces of evil always remains. It's a constant battle that rages within all of us, between angels of our nature and the temptation of our inner demons. And sometimes the only way to ward off the darkness... is to shine the light of compassion.
There is a widely read book that tells us everyone is a sinner. Of course, not everyone feels guilt over the bad things they do . In contrast, there are always those who assume more than their share of the blame. There are others, who sooth their consciences with small acts of kindness. Or by telling themselves their sins were justified. Finally there are the ones who simply vow to do better next time, and pray for forgiveness. And sometimes, their prayers are answered.
Competition, it means different things to different people. Of course, the trick is to know which battles to fight. You see, no victory comes without a price to pay or chips redeemed.

As for me, I choose the summer picnics and the meadows b e y o n d

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