Sunday, August 24, 2008

Of Refine and Perfection

~Of Passion And Passages~ I simply adore this phrase

I shall speak & make haste cause there's no time to waste! XD Actually that's because I'm pressed for time doing my piles of homework. Just so you know.

I had a dream last night, it's probably the best and most beautiful dream I had in such a long long time. I dreamt of summer! The elicits daydreams filled with diffuse golden sunlight, warm breezes carrying sweet floral notes (by me XD) sitting near a creek with my violin in hand. The soothing monotones of bees humming by and indulgent afternoon naps in a well-paded hammock. The scent of peppermint leaves and fresh dew and no to-do-list in the way. Gosh it's fantastllica! But it's just a dream. Something not for me to have i guess. Summer meant digs into more school work, music, unfolding schedules of things to do.

Joe thought me an unusual way to look things round. Which I really thank him for. He got a tattoo which reads, " I get to: " Yup that's all that it had to say. He told me if we thought it this way: I get to go to school, I get to do this I get to do that, everything would seem a whole lot better!
He exposed me to this heightened sense of inspiration, this abandoness. He'd say to me: "Play the violin, do not worry and do not fear. Be yourself, just go out there & let yourself go". Captivating isn't it?

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I've got some drawings to show! By sessions with the budlets XD

Pen and paper~ I own

this is so fantasticallie sweet! Tina owns

I'm Lucky Star! haha anyway, Delia owns

Yi Jie owns

Of passion. Tessie bear owns

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