Saturday, November 22, 2008

a Day with Dad

Yesterday was an Adventure~ Went to United Square to attend the International Performing Arts Championship Roadshow Audition. It went pretty well, hopfully. Accept for the fact the mic fell on me. Damn mic. Met new people and made new pals duh! Chelsea & Kelsea, Austrian twins are absolutely a pleasure to be with! They're ever so encouraging in any state of situations which goes with the "Purrr Purrrr Muax" theory.

Jonas, the awesomely active organisor is appallingly AMAZING. He got me feeling comfortable with the set just before the show during soundcheck, which is really if not extremely important before the show for jittery janglely peeps like meself.

I finally got my very OWN Build-a-Bear Teddy!!!! Wheee FINALLY. It's like my Dad and I were looking around and we saw their kiosk and he goes like "the bears look pretty nice, wanna have a look?" and I was like "OMG YES!" So after my audit, there I went straight to the kiosk to get my furry buddy made fresh from the oven. Err, I meant fluff machine. Anyway you get my point.

I simply love it's Cubby Castle and im like totally staring at it right now as I blog in my bedroom. Before Selena, the assistant gave me my bear to take it home with me, she made me take this "oath" which goes like this : My teddy is Special. I brought it to life. I chose it. I stuffed it. I made it my own. I promise to love it and give it a home. She's really sweet.

Steps to making your very own furry teddy!

Step 1: Choose me
Step 2: Hear me (build-a-sound message)
Step 3: Stuff me (do a hug test to make sure it's stuffed just right)
Step 4: Stitch me (fill it with good wishes and a stitch heart)
Step 5: Fluff me (pump it up and brush it)
Step 6: Dress me (fin the Pawfect look)
Step 7: Name me ( make a personalised birth certificate and ID, and find it's way back when it's lost)
Step 8: Take me home (walk out, hand-in-paw in an exclusive cub-condo carrying case Aww)

It's a curiosity how Selena followed all the "rules" and make me kiss the heart haha. I suppose this is what the experience of the phrase "im lovin' it job" really meant. (Giving your heart and soul into everyone one of the same enthusiasm coming together to create something that portray a scene of complete delight!

Finally got my new swimsuit! Now I can go swimming on my cruise with a new pair of chill black degreed goggles. Whoots! Im astonish of the price of swimsuits these days. $89.90 for a swimsuit and $49.90 for goggles? I feel the pinch in my pocket just typing this down XD

Guess who? XD

Jonas and I

My teddy is Special. I brought it to life. I chose it. I stuffed it. I made it my own. I promise to love it and give it a home. ^^


Birth certificate

the Cubbie Castle

be a Beary Beary Bember

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