Saturday, December 6, 2008

coming up: Esplanade Outdoor Theatres

Getting myself geared for my Quarterfinals competition for Violin tomorrow at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatres. Emotions? : I don't feel much, Gosh, am I sick or what? >< Gee, hope I make it cross this towards the next circle and hopfully into the winner's circle so I can make everyone I love & loves me back so damn proud!

And for one thing, I'm a heaper. My idea of unpacking is removing from my bags all of the items I won't need for my next trip (cruise) and placing them in a chaotic mound next to the suitcase, then getting around to putting them away a couple of months later. I'm working on a better system, for the sake of houseguests. When I'm in a hotel room, I never use drawers or closets, it's too easy to forget what's where in a flurry of post-excitement packing. I simply lay things out on the spare bed, where I can see them. I only take out what I need.

Now, I'm gearing up for January and, with it, the start of the new mugging/concert season. I'm practicing, emailing, making calls, memorizing music, ordering extra violin accessories and pizzas, and planning and scheming. I always start with such good ideas, and then life takes over. Maybe with the new year, with everything in its right place, a few more of the ideas will come to fruition.

This begs (or not) the question: Is a concert divided 500 ways instead of 3,000 more potent? Or is a crowd of 3,000's enjoyment magnified by the proximity of so many people focused on the same thing?

Okay, so I'm weird. XD

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