Monday, April 26, 2010

2 years full of tears

The thought of having to go into the night with little sleep is enough to make me weep these days. The thoughts of doing badly for exams when I obviously know how to do those questions are RIDICULOUS! Math class today, my Math teacher asked if we had questions about our tutorial. Believe me, I seriously did know how to do but instead she askd "you REALLY did this all on your own without discussion?" Promiscuous, total disbelief is writtten all over her face. But can I blame her? My results sucked! How can I fault her for my own lackings? But I being easily emotional, I felt discredited from my own "achievement."

It's late, and i'm off to bed, but before I end this entry off, i'll like to answer Cheyne's question from the afternoon: do you have a song stuck in your head like all the time?

Ans: Yes!
I wake up singing "Music Again" every morning, I think its the soundtrack to the dirty dreams I almost always have ;)

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