Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wasn't it easier in your lunchbox days?

HeyO! I'm back after a long haitus. It hasn't really been long, technically no THAT long, but it just felt odd not having any inspiration to write. Especially apologetic for torturing my rabid "fans" from Nashiville & San diego (who happens to not believe in fb accounts :P Chase, Lana, Meg, Ev, Jake..... and the list goes on) sorry for making you worry. I'm alive and well in Singapore and I've not gotten into any serious trouble.....yet. The weather is always warm here, the people-watching is superb, and the irony of it all is dripping like wet socks. It’s like a zoo with exhibits of free-range people. There are so many good musicians here; I like eavesdropping at the lounges and listening to the bands or the jazz singers or pianists. This is a town of professional entertainers. And shopping. The sales are on this week, but I can only look at so many products before I begin to feel hypnotized.

I've been getting myself busy these past couple of weeks. Rather than drowning myself in the ever so commonly heard word "bored". (whoever came up with it never learns to live and those using it needs to get a life... like seriously....) So I figured its time I manage some kind of finance and try earning some cash so I needn't strecth my hands out for money everytime I wanted something like a worthless invertebrate in human-form. So I taught part-time in a junior school, performing and teaching violin free-lance with the occasional tour guide niche at the local museum whenever I needed the extra cash. ;)

This week I gave myself a bit of a mental breather, focusing my musical life only on the practises. In my spare hours, I explored, wandered about the city, bought half-price maxis and gone from galleries after galleries. It was nice to take those luxuries of time and find pleasures in footing simplicity in this complicated, changing world.

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